our story

At a young age Courtney Claghorn realized that she always felt her best with a tan, but ironically enough she was the only Italian family member that didn’t tan easily.  At first she found this frustrating, but later realized it was a blessing to not have spent her younger years baking in the sun.

Before opening the OG Santa Monica salon, Courtney attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where she met boyfriend and co-founder, Sam Offit.  Shortly after graduation the duo landed in Santa Monica and Courtney constantly found herself overpaying for spray tans at underwhelming locations. Frustrated by her desk job and bad spray tans, Sam encouraged her to find a better solution.  She founded S+B out of their Santa Monica apartment in late 2010. Word spread quickly and the growing client base encouraged Courtney to leave her short-lived corporate life to focus on the business full time. (She later realized she was a 4th generation female entrepreneur on her maternal side, so perhaps her Italian half did give her some good genes after all…)

As a skincare fanatic it didn’t take Courtney long to realize that sugaring was not only the new waxing, but also the perfect complement to a spray tan.  Her vision was to bring the two popular services side by side, creating a uniquely synergistic space and one stop shop to prepare for any vacation, wedding, red-carpet event, or to simply feel flawless®.

To date S+B has 10 locations, with many more on the horizon.