My Lips Aren't Sealed

Listen to Kim + Courtney chat about how Courtney started a successful business with her boyfriend (now husband!), if the business affects their relationship, what her celebrity spray tan + waxing encounters have been like, advice she has for women wanting to start their own business, her future plans + goals, and more!

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Glam & Grow

After bootstrapping for the first nine years in business, Courtney Claghorn, CEO of Sugared + Bronzed, successfully scaled her once apartment-based company to one of the most sought-after in the industry.

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Dear Twenty Something

Twentysomethings, if you’re feeling unsure of your next move, get ready for this episode where “trusting the process” becomes a lifestyle with the inspirational Courtney Claghorn!" We can rephrase if we want too!

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Wild Basic

Tune in to hear how Courtney Claghorn, the founder of SUGARED + BRONZED, successfully made the pivot into e-commerce from a traditional brick and mortar business.

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Opportunity Knocks

“The biggest mistake and pitfall I see is people just talking about a business they want to start all the time…Stop talking about it. Just do it.” Tune in to hear more about Courtney’s incredible journey to success!

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A Little Too Much

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Cake for Breakfast

Courtney gives an inside scoop to all things SUGARED + BRONZED and shares a few of her guilty pleasures! Listen now for a sweet treat from the founder herself!

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Hacking It

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Spill the V

In this episode of Spill The V, you'll hear all about what sugaring is and what Courtney sees in the brand's future.

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