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Sugar Paste (4-pack)

ConsistencyFirm (4-pack)

Why you'll love it:

Simplicity meets sophistication in our sugar paste recipe – a classic blend of sugar, lemon, and water, but elevated. Thanks to our unique 'liquid invert' technique, our sugar paste will give you the sweetest sugaring experience, pun intended. This innovative approach of using lemon juice to break down sugar (sucrose) into its simplest forms (glucose and fructose) breathes new life into an age-old formula, ensuring your treatment is nothing short of extraordinary. So exactly why is it better?

  • Enhanced Paste Texture: Breaking down the sugar into smoother forms results in a paste that's not only easier to handle but also grips hair more effectively. This means a more efficient removal process, translating to an elevated experience for your clients.
  • Consistency in Every Batch: Unlike standard sugar pastes that can vary batch to batch, our production method ensures that every tub you open has unparalleled texture consistency, which is essential to superior performance.
  • Longer Shelf Life: The natural tendency for sugar pastes to crystallize over time is cleverly mitigated in our product. Our liquid invert method maintains the paste's smoothness, ensuring it stays manageable and easy to use for longer. This not only means less waste but also ensures that you can rely on its quality, session after session.

Pick the perfect consistency for your skill level, hair type, and/or body part:

  • Firm: Best for beginners. Also ideal for thick/coarse hair on back or chest for all skill levels. Mix with our Medium Paste to achieve a Medium Firm paste.
  • Medium: Best for intermediate to advanced skill level. Ideal for fine/soft hair on brazilian/bikini area, arms, legs, underarms, and/or back.
  • Soft: For advanced skill level only. Ideal for fine/soft hair on brazilian/bikini area, legs, arms, and/or face. Mix with our Medium Paste to achieve a Medium Soft Paste.


Sucrose (sugar), Citric Acid (lemon juice), Water


    Sucrose (sugar), Citric Acid (lemon juice), Water


    Watch our demonstration videos below!

    Sugar Paste (4-pack)


    Sugaring Best Practices

    Unsure of how to apply your S+B Sugar Paste for best results? Check out these videos with step-by-step instructions to learn more!

    Watch a video about how to properly hold and handle sugar paste

    How to Hold Sugar Paste

    Watch a video about how to properly mold sugar paste

    How to Mold Sugar Paste

    Watch a video about how to properly flick sugar paste

    How to Flick Sugar Paste


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