How We're Keeping

You Safe

The safety of our S+B Fam is our highest priority. We’ve implemented these practices to help keep you and our staff safe + healthy.

• As always, we sanitize our product bottles, surfaces and treatment tables with CavaCide (a hospital-grade antimicrobial cleaner) between each client and service.

• Before each sugaring hair removal service, we cover each table with a new disposable sheet and replace all towels.

• Our Sugaristas cleanse their hands with antibacterial soap and water before donning latex-free, extra-strength, tear-resistant disposable gloves.

• Sugar Paste is only handled while wearing gloves, is only used for one service and is thrown out afterward with the disposable gloves.

• We cleanse all implements used during a service with soap and water, place them in Barbicide disinfectant for 10 minutes, rinse again and dry with a single-use paper towel.

• We wash all treatment towels and laundry items in hot water with detergent and bleach crystals.


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