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Is Sunless Tanning Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Sunless Tanning Safe During Pregnancy?

Let’s be real – pregnancy is rough. There’s a lot you can’t do, but if you do want to feel better about yourself a lil’ glow can do the trick. (For some reason, everyone in my life says I’m a bit nicer when I’m bronzed – eye roll.) As we know, it’s best to stay away from baking in the sun – whether you’re expecting or not – and sunless tanning is another option to still achieve an ultra-radiant glow.

Even as I get closer and closer to becoming more than a dog mom (Peppa will always be my first born), I’m still seeking the fountain of youth – lucky for me, I built a business that allows me to do just that (in the name of research, of course). 

Can You Sunless Tan While Pregnant? 

It can be overwhelming to hear all the things you should “stay away from” when pregnant, especially when, in reality, there are many areas of pregnancy we don’t have a lot of data on. One of my favorite books about pregnancy is called Expecting Better and it really helps articulate why the lack of data exists, well conducted studies and good data, and how to assess making a decision when we might not have a lot of data. That being said, DHA (the sugar-based ingredient in all our tanning products) is considered safe for external use (because we know that it is not absorbed into the bloodstream in significant amounts).

The best use case during pregnancy is for the application of any mists and sprays to be done in a well ventilated area – which is, of course, already done in all the S+B spray tan rooms. During your appointment, feel free to inform your Sprayer that you are pregnant and ask any and all questions. 

If you choose to self tan with the S+B Sunless Tanning Mist or our other self-tanning products at home, I recommend ensuring a well ventilated area as well. 

Can You Sunless Tan While Breastfeeding?

I’ve never felt more seen than when one of my fellow bronze-obsessed mamas-to-be Meghan Moore said on her TikTok, “I don’t want my baby meeting me when I’m this pale.”

I do plan to breastfeed, so once my son (finally) arrives and it’s time to tan again, I will not be tanning my breasts at that time, because it seems like a logical and easily attainable precaution to exercise.

So What Does a Pregnancy Sunless Tanning Routine Look Like? 

First things first, you want to keep up with a gentle exfoliating routine. I maintained my own routine with the S+B Exfoliating Mitt and S+B Exfoliating Scrub. If you want long-lasting results from any form of sunless tanning, this is absolutely key (yes, always). We made the exfoliant non-abrasive so it’s ideal to use on all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

Then, what we’ve all been waiting for…time for the tan. If you choose to self tan rather than book an S+B Spray Tan, these are the products to use. Start off with the S+B Sunless Tanning Mousse and S+B Applicator Mitt to instantly reinvigorate and nourish your skin.  

Keep up the glow with our S+B Sunless Tanning Lotion, a dual-functioning lotion to give you hydration and a natural looking tan. I personally think you can never have too much hydration, especially when dealing with sensitive skin, so I like to slather myself in our S+B Hocoba Oil, my fave skincare concoction.

Let Go Of Doing Things Perfectly While Pregnant

For obvious ethical reasons, it’s not easy to conduct pregnancy studies. So as much advice as you’d seek out, this is ultimately one of those personal decisions to make for yourself.

I’ve never been one to claim to be an expert on pregnancy dos and don’ts, but have done my best to do my own research to make this (extremely long) journey go well for me and my baby.  

Overall, I believe you should always be able to achieve your most flawless glow – whether you’re expecting or not. 


Courtney Claghorn