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How Can I Maintain My Sunless Tan While Traveling?

How Can I Maintain My Sunless Tan While Traveling?

Jet setting with a beautiful sunless bronze is the ultimate dream – but if you’re unprepared, it may not always be rainbows and sunshine. The ups and downs of traveling can give even the best faux glow a run for its money (or the money you spent on it). 

Whether you’re beach-bound, city-hopping, or escaping to a tropical paradise, we’ve got you covered! Follow our tips + tricks (and pack your Glow Bag) to help you protect your bronze so your pics look as good the day of your return as the day of your arrival. 

Do I need to prep for my sunless tan before travel?

Before you embark on your escapades, get your skin prepped for your flawless sunless tan. The evening before your tan, gently exfoliate dead skin cells with the S+B Exfoliating Scrub and S+B Exfoliating Mitt to create a smooth canvas. 

A person applying sunless tan elixir using a tanning mitt.

Once that’s taken care of, focus on staying hydrated. Dehydration can be the sole culprit of the early demise of a sunless tan. Not to mention, the air travel, climate changes and alcohol that often accompany a trip and dry out your skin. Whether you’re on an island or in the mountains, drinking Mai Tai’s or Hot Toddy’s, don’t forget to drink water! Our personal favorite way to get a hydration boost before a big event or trip is an IV Drip Hydration. (If you opt into adding vitamins and minerals these can also enhance your glow, quite literally from the inside out.) As far as timing, we recommend booking your Airbrush Tan or starting your self tan 1-2 days ahead of your trip to give the color ample time to work its magic.

What products should I pack to maintain my sunless tan? 

A person holding a Sugared and Bronzed tanning bundle bag containing tanning solutions and elixirs.

Say hello to your new fave for all your travel tanning needs – the Glow Bag! We made this bag especially for jet-setting tan enthusiasts (aka us) to stay sun-kissed without the UV rays. Think of it like having a tanning sidekick that fits snugly in your suitcase. Here’s the glowdown on the lineup:

S+B Sunless Tanning Glow Drops (full-size) - Be your own alchemist and amp up your favorite skincare products with this all-star for face and body. 

S+B Sunless Tanning Water (full-size) - This rose-infused spray is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and perfect for a morning or midday boost. 

S+B Sunless Tanning Lotion (travel-size) - An OG love of ours that will be your hydration superhero that also ensures your tan stays put. 

S+B Sunless Tanning Mousse (travel-size) - Treat yourself to a full body glow with this lightweight foam that reinvigorates and nourishes your skin.

S+B Branded Travel Bag - Making it easy to take your tanning collection on the go and putting it all in a bag as flawless as you? Yes, and yes. 

Mini Sponge - This complimentary, reusable mini applicator makes it a breeze to touch up your glow just like a pro.

How can I prevent my sunless tan from fading while traveling?

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Maintaining skin hydration is non-negotiable for a long-lasting sunless tan. Pro tip: slather on a moisturizer (like the S+B Hocoba Oil) packed with natural, nourishing goodies. Trust us, moisturized skin holds onto that glorious color like a magnet. Moisturizer can assist in slowing down the timeline of the tan fading and help it fade evenly (rather than in a patchy formation). 

A person pouring tanning oil into their open palm

Don’t forget to protect your hard-earned sunless tan! Chlorinated pools and salty waves can be ruthless, threatening to wash away your beautiful glow prematurely. After any dip in the water, be gentle when drying off—no rubbing allowed. 

If you’re in the sun, don’t forget that SPF! Add to your safe (and stylish!) look with a luxe beach hat, sunglasses and a breezy cover up to keep the sun’s rays at bay. There’s no saving a spray after too many rays. As we all know, a sunburn leads to peeling, and with the top layers of skin that peel off, so does your tan. (More info on that here!)  

How can I touch up my sunless tan if it starts to fade? 

If your tan needs a pick-me-up, grab your Glow Bag to restore any faded areas. This is the ultimate game-changer to save your tan.

The S+B Sunless Tanning Lotion is the perfect dual-function product for restoring that much needed hydration and maintaining that much loved glow. Using this throughout your trip will continually give your glow another go. 

A person spraying tanning lotion onto their wrist

You can use the (complimentary!) Mini Sponge with the S+B Sunless Tanning Mousse to touch up your face, hands, armpits, ankles or any other areas that the tan may leave you first. Just like that, your bronze is back!

Now go catch your jet and get ready to shine bright like a sunkissed goddess wherever your travels take you!